Our Company

The dairy “La Nuova Casearia” is born in Villa Literno, in the typical and unique territory named “dei Mazzoni” in the heart of Caserta province, an area which is famous for the production of the Campania Buffalo PDO Mozzarella.

The raw material for the production of our products is just buffalo milk, the healthiest and freshest, which comes from selected breedings of the surrounding lowland.

The treatments are owed to an intelligent mix between modern technologies and centenary practices of cheesemaking. The client is therefore made sure of the freshness and authenticity, and the right valorisation of the fragrance that characterizes our mozzarella.

Hight quality standards are granted by the most important certifications such as IFS and BRC.

The perfect place where you can taste delicious Campania buffalo mozzarella and cheese products that are traditional of our land.

Our Products