Linea Pizzeria

Nuova Casearia is please to give restaurateurs, GDO, Ho.Re.Ca. service industries and master pizza chef a large range of frozen products that are conceived for catering.

This is how Pizzeria line is created: it’smade of high quality dairy products that grant a shelf-life up to 12 months. Its a line particularly useful for pizza filling. 

Thanks to the ability to preserve its consistency even at high temperatures, with excellent results, its the ideal product even for the most demanding pizza chefs.

Our raw material comes from high quality certified breedings.

Products of Pizzeria Line


White or smoked, filone is mainly made for pizza filling. Its a very special product because its able to maintain its white color while not showing burning marks.


Cow mozzarella. Its split into little cubes in order to be easily used for pizza. The basin can hold 3kg.


Julianne cow mozzarella that can be easily put on pizza. The basin can hold 3kg.