Vaccino Line

Tasty,nutritious and versatile, cheeses in our vaccino line satisfy eachand every kind of palate. You can enjoy them by theirselves, insalads, on pizza or in pasta.

MozzarellaVaccina is a fresh pasta filata cheese made with whole raw cowsmilk. Its origins are ancient and itsa traditional kind of production in southern Italy which isappreciated all over the world.

Inorder to obtain genuine and quality mozzarella, the upmost attentionis given to the raw material: the milk needs to come from highquality certified breedings, that are controlled and cared for by thesanitary institutions.

Milkanalyses are a guarantee for cheese producers and for customers, andthey give the cheesemaker important information related to theproperties of milk according to the season and to the cowsfeedings and lifecyle.

Our raw materials come from certified high quality farms.

Vaccino Line Products


The“Mozzarella”parexcellence, half a kilo of goodness that you can enjoy at your table. It’s big and juicy pieces are the best accompanied by fresh seasoning sand other ingredients to prepare tasty and attractive dishes, where the only limit is your imagination.


The right serving for a juicy second course ofor a tasty and fast meal. The dimension is right for your knife to dive and enjoy the milks release.


Round, linear, enjoyable in a singlebite. Little mozzarella very delicate in it’s taste.


Round, gloss white and milk scented, its perfect for different fresh and cooked dishes.


Smalland round, bocconcini are made exclusively with fresh buffalo milk just like mozzarella. White, bright and thin-skinned, they have very delicate taste and scent.


White, bright and thin-skinned, they have very delicate taste and scent.


The smallest in our buffalo mozzarella production. They are the best as salad seasonings in the summer or in baked pasta.


This product seduces touch, sight, smell and hearing even before seducing taste itself. The solid substance of Treccia, which is typical when it comes to hand-craft products, simulate the palate.


Provola comes directly from mozzarella processing, plus a smoking process by straw or wood chips.


Caciocavallo is a pasta filata cheese. Its soft and can be combined with many dishes.


Scamorza also belongs to pasta filata cheeses. Its fresh, soft and with a sweet and delicate taste.